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ELN Implementation Planning Workshop

These are some of the questions that I received in advance of the ELN Implementation Workshop at IQPC’s 9th annual conference on ELNs. The answers are a mix of my opinions and the consensus of the workshop attendees. For anybody viewing this post, please feel free to add your own comments.

The workshop slides are […]

ELNs 2010

IQPC’s annual conference on ELNs and Advanced Laboratory Solutions is scheduled for September 27th – 29th in Amsterdam. As part of the build up to the event, a number of podcasts, videos, articles and whitepapers are available in the download centre, including an interview I conducted with Martin Vanderlaan, Director of Analytical Operations at Genentech, […]

ELN Requirements

An interesting post on Simon Coles’ ELN Blog paints a dark picture of the RFP process. If we’re brutally honest, then the post doesn’t tell us anything that we didn’t already know, but weren’t prepared to admit. There seem to be two underlying themes around the points raised; firstly, to what extent are we prepared […]

ELN: Laboratory Informatics for the 21st Century

The SMi Group held their annual ELN conference in London last week, under the title ‘ELN: Laboratory Informatics for the 21st Century’. The programme contained a full range of good quality presentations on all aspects of ELNs and related topics that represented the state of the industry. As with most conferences on this subject, there’s […]

Do end users fit the informatics requirements

Do end-users fit the informatics requirements?

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