iPads in the laboratory

There’s been a lot of interest in the potential of iPads as electronic laboratory notebooks, with arguments for and against.  On the positive side, the form factor and portability are equivalent or possibly better than a paper lab notebook, and very cool!  But this has to be weighed

against safety and spillage issues in a laboratory environment, a virtual keyboard (although a bluetooth keyboard can overcome this objection), and a lack of dedicated iOS laboratory applications.  There are already a few browser-based laboratory systems that can be used on an iPad, but to realise the full capability, iOS-based applications are needed.  Other business

sectors are already seeing a number of developments in the adoption of iPads as general purpose computing tools; maybe it’s just a matter of time before the laboratory joins in.  However, one aspect that doesn’t always attract immediate attention  when we talk about deploying exciting new technologies is the IT support perspective, so it is interesting to see that ITPRO has published an interview with an IT Manager on Rolling out iPads in the enterprise. In this case, the users are a field sales team, but there are some useful insights that would be appropriate to any community of iPad users within an enterprise.

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