How do People Clean? Part 1

We clean in different ways. If you ask me, there is no wrong or right way to clean the house. The important thing is, we get clean houses!

So let’s try to watch this video of a person cleaning his home. Take note how they do it and what they focus on. It would also be great if you can point out stuff they are doing that is out of the ordinary.


New House = Scrubbing

Recently just moving into a new house we were very excited to create a new fun loving space that is full of love, positive vibrations and cleanliness… ah here where th problem lies.

With the old tenants moving out before us, the place had be cleaned, or so we were told.
Upon first entering of the house, everything looked and smelt clean, from the tiles, to the floorboard, to the carpets.

However it us upon closer inspection that the truth comes out. Where the dirt reveals itself.
By all means, we are not having an attack at the owners because well, the house was really clean.

Except its all the last minute things that they missed, under the sinks, in corner edges, underneath mats and rugs etc. We were not disheartened or disappointed, more so just slightly annoyed that we were already having to take action before we even moved in.

None the less, after the spray and wipe and a cloth got to it, the dirt was no more. Now moving forward after being in the house a week, we are still cleaning up mess, however it is all our own creation.

End of Lease Cleaning Pt2


Around the end of your rental lease, it’s essential to recoup your bond. To do this, you’ll need to ensure that you clean your home through and through. Property administrators and home loan holders can be incredibly strict about how clean your home ought to be before they release your security money.

In any case, in each one of the tumult of moving house, when you will have the adequate vitality to clean? Besides, the remote possibility that you do it without anybody’s assistance, by what means will you know whether you’re cleaning tries is sufficient.

Utilizing a specialist end of lease cleaning organization can be a quite required refresher for your home

End of lease cleaning can be a tedious task! Here’s a speedy agenda of a percentage of the real components you’ll have to have cleaned:

Covers and floors (a few properties might oblige you to have your rugs professionally cleaned). Dividers. Evading sheets and mirrors. Windows and entryways. Inside and outside of organizers. Draperies and blinds. Kitchen sinks. Boilers. Stoves. Range hoods and different machines. Lavatory tiles. Sinks. Tubs. Showers. Toilets. Channels and apparatuses. Outside regions like verandas. Overhangs, garages. Any included furniture things, etc.

End Of Lease Cleaning

Toward the end of your rental rent, it’s essential to recover your bond. To do this, you’ll have to guarantee that you clean your home altogether. Property operators and mortgage holders can be exceptionally strict about how clean your home should be before they discharge your security cash. Be that as it may, in every one of the tumult of moving house, when you will have sufficient energy to clean? What’s more, on the off chance that you do it without anyone’s help, by what means will you know whether you’re cleaning endeavours are adequate.

Employing an expert end of lease cleaning administration can be a much-needed refresher for your home! Why might you sort out a house cleaning policy as opposed to cleaning yourself?
Spares Time: End of lease cleaning systems can spare you an abundance of time; proficient cleaners can clean your home completely and rapidly while you are either at work or sorting out your turn
Quality of cleaning: A house cleaning administration will improve work than you can since they bring home the bacon cleaning homes; numerous end of lease cleaning organizations will likewise offer assurances to ensure you are 100% fulfilled by their work
Capability of cleaning: These cleaners will likewise have entry to expert cleaning chemicals and hardware, which they will use to clean your home and which are substantially more viable than grocery store items; this is especially the case with rug cleaning and steam cleaning
Bond: A trustworthy house cleaning administration will likewise know precisely what’s required and what should be cleaned so as to recover your relationship;
Protection: When looking for an end of lease cleaning business, watch that they guaranteed cleaners and those they likewise have protection to cover you if anything goes out of order.
So it is better to decide for an expert time considering in lease cleaning matter.

Benefit 4 – Boosts Mental Health

There is a massive sense of satisfaction that comes with cleaning, and this in conjunction with the physical effort required in the cleaning process (dusting, scrubbing etc) may ward of potential of depression.

Cleaning effectively reduces stress and anxiety at the same time as giving you a great sense of accomplishment once you are finished. These benefits can also be said for cleaning outside of the house to, including doing washing, yard work an more.

Try out what works for you and remember that there are many benefits of cleaning, and more than just what are stated here. Make time for cleaning and you will be glad you did.

Benefit 3 – Prevents Illness and Allergies

Do you like illness and allergies? We thought not.

Without clean sheets on your bed, furniture, bedding (mattress), walls and floors, you strongly increase your risk of producing allergic reactions, and developing any illness.

So how do you make sure you prevent these? Vacuum, mop and dust your home regularly to kill and remove mites. Clean out cobwebs, mold and mildew, wash your sheets regularly and clean walls and floors often.

Hiring a cleaner to come and take care of the intricate and more heavy duty cleaning such as a carpet cleaner or window cleaner will help remove the toughest of dirt and grime you cannot see or get yourself.

Benefit 2 – Prevent food contamination

If your home is clean, there is much less chance of contaminating your food. Therefore cleaning your cooking surfaces often and correctly reduces the risk of getting sick after consuming foods.

The best way to keep these surfaces clean is by using hot soapy water and cleaning any areas and utensils that come into contact with any raw fish, meat or eggs, including your counter tops.

In addition, keeping your hands clean to stop the contamination spreading from out of the kitchen into other areas of the home. The safest way to eat a meal is to eat one that has been prepped in a clean environment.

Benefit 1 – Kill Germs

If you have grimy and dirty hands, you will leave your trace behind germs on doors, on phones, cupboards around the home, remotes and anything else you touch. When you touch these things you spread the germs around your house and workplace ultimately without realising, many of which can make you and others sick.

Even if you cannot visibly see that dirt or grime is there, their surfaces may still possess many bacteria forms that can cause illness in those who come across them. So how do we kill germs? By cleaning them of course.

Any high traffic surfaces should be wiped with disinfectant wipes, or sprayed and wiped, to remove the dirt grime and bacteria that is present. With this taken care of, the potential to become sick is dramatically reduced.